Announcement of Sumatera Mine Mouth Coal Fired Steam Power Plant IPP Projects

1. PT PLN (Persero), an electric utility company owned by the state of the Republic Indonesia intend to implement mine mouth coal fired steam power plant Independent Power Producer (IPP) projects through a competitive procurement process scheduled to start on April 2010.
2. The Projects will have the total net capacity of approximately 2000 MW and comprise of 5 IPPs as follows:
• South Sumatera-5 (2x150MW)
• South Sumatera-6 (2x300 MW)
• South Sumatera-7 (2x150 MW)
• West Sumatera-1 (2x110 MW)
• Riau (2x300 MW)
3. PLN is looking for experienced private sector developers to finance, construct and operate the Project and implementing power generation projects of comparable size as the Project.
4. Further information on the procurement process will be announced.

Jakarta, March 2010

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